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Soft Gear Stop (SGS) Kits

The top landing gear shows the SGS kit installed, in comparison to the original stop block, below.

The kit was initially developed to reduce load on the Husky gear on the rebound after a large deflection. We had several gears fail, especially when large tires or heavy skis were mounted. The design goal was met by 200%.

Not only was load substantially reduced, but the SGS kit also changes the Husky’s landing gear characteristic dramatically into a progressive gear.

The Husky is known to have strong bungees that stiffen the gear so it has little or no dampening. When you bounce the aircraft, it results in a strong deflection of the gear, with a very strong and sudden stop on the rebound.

Many Husky owners try to compensate by running the tires at a low pressure, but this approach has several disadvantages: sheared off tube valve stems, higher drag when ground handling the aircraft, and longer takeoff distance to name just a few.

The SGS Kit prevents “Husky Landings” that look more like a young Kangaroo learning to walk.

With the SGS kit, short landings in the Husky get even shorter than with the standard gear. Simply because the Husky will not jump anymore, and you will be able to apply brakes earlier. Taxiing in rough terrain with the SGS kit installed is a pleasure.

Installation of the SGS kit takes 20 minutes. The Installation is approved by FAA & EASA under the RF8001 Ski STC. After installation, the kit is not visible from outside.

We had feedback from many SGS customers that NO Husky should fly without an SGS kit.

Weight increase is 9 oz.

The kit contains:

  • 2 ea gear stops PN 35001-SGS
  • installation instructions