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RF 8001 Retractable Ski for HUSKY Aircraft

The RF8001 skis offer high flotation in a wide variety of snow conditions, low friction, and superior controlability.
Photo courtesy Frank Herzog.

The FAA & EASA has certified the Aviat Husky A-1, A-1A, A-1B and A1C-180 and 200 for the use of the high tech RF8001 skis.

The RF8001 skis were designed to meet the stringent requirements for landing on glaciers, but on flat landing surfaces the superb snow-handling characteristics still make the Husky almost as maneuvrable as on wheels. Flotation on these skis, even in powder snow, is reported to be excellent.

RF8001 skis have been approved since 1996 on the A-1 Husky and have made thousands of trouble-free landings in the European Alps. The highest landing that was done by a Husky on RF 8001 skis was above 16.000 ft MSL.

One of the early landings flight tests of the RF8001 Skis entailed landing at well over 14,000 ft. MSL in the Swiss Alps. Since then, lands have been made above 16,000 ft.

The Skis are extremely light for hydraulic-retractable skis. The installation on the Husky Aircraft adds a mere 72 lbs.

The RF8001 Skis are made of glass and carbon composite and feature a downhill ski racing bottom to minimize drag in the snow. These skis are retractable and offer a 4-inch ground clearance at the lowest point. With this amount of ground clearance the Husky equipped with RF8001 skis can be operated out of unimproved strips without damaging the skis, while the wheels do not penetrate the ski at all for a snow landing. Since the tire sits on the skis, the dampening function of the tire is still active during snow landings.

Retraction of the skis is done by a hydraulic pump, which is driven by an electric 12V DC motor. This pump incorporates a small manual pump, which can be used in case of an electrical failure.

After the initial installation, which takes 3 hours, the skis can be mounted by the pilot in less than 15 minutes with minimal tools and without the need of hoisting the aircraft. (No mechanic sign-off is required.) This timeframe can only be met if the tail ski is already installed on an extra 3200 Tailwheel assy. The hydraulics are connected by self sealing quick connectors. No bleeding is required.

The removal and re-installation of the skis is so easy, that we do it all the time if the mission of the aircraft requires no skis and the trip is longer than 80 nm.

Ground clearance is a minimum 4 inches. This Husky is shown with optional wheel pants specifically designed for the skis.

The RF8001 Skis are the prefect addition to the Aviat Husky series to make this superb aircraft an even more agile all terrain vehicle. If good snow-handling, light weight, and good ground clearance are required for the mission—for example glacier flying—the RF8001 skis are the best choice.


The RF 8001 Skis fit on all Huskys having ski brackets for the R2800 Aero Skis. If your Husky has a standard gear, it can be converted to a RF-Ski gear by installing the RF Ski gear conversion kit. This kit can be welded on a standard Aviat gear.

The RF8001 Skis work with 8.00 x 6 and 8.50 x 6 tires. The 8.50 is the preferred tire.

The RF Ski kit contains everything you need to put your Husky on skis if the Husky has the Aero Ski Brackets. The RF8001 includes the SGS kit, which is mandatory for the installation of the skis.
The skis come normally painted in one RAL color. Pick the RAL color from a RAL chart and specify when ordering.

The necessary hydraulic fluid is not included due to shipping restrictions.