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NMP (No More Peeing) Valve

Red NMP Valve installed on the tank vent.

The Husky’s fuel system is designed in such a way that the fuel will crossfeed to the lower wing when the aircraft is parked on a slope. If enough fuel is on board, the lower tank will fill and eventually overflow through the tank vent on the wingtip. It’s not good for range, operating costs, and the environment.

The NMP valve solves this problem.

The NMP valve is a checkvalve that slides on one of the tank vents.
The most recent version—3.0—is designed like all other versions to keep fuel in, while still venting the tank effectively. In addition it also has a built-in filter that keeps bugs out. There are no more bug nests and clogged fuel vent lines with NMP equipped tank vents.

The NMP valve slides onto the fuel vent line and prevents fuel leakage while the airplane is parked on a slope.

With these valves, there is No More Peeing (NMP) of tanks on the ramp when you have full tanks and are parked on a side slope.

Available now in red or white.
Use only 1 NMP valve per aircraft