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Husky Wheelpants

Optionally available are wheelpants for the use with skis. These wheelpants are designed to keep the wing clean from slush on takoff and landings on wheels. The total weight is 5 lbs.

Our new, sleek Husky wheel pants now fit tires as large as 8.50 X 6. These beautiful and very light wheel fairings give your Husky a classic, retro look.

Although the wheel pants increase speed by about 4 kts, they were not only designed for speed. The design goal was to maintain the Husky’s ability to land on unimproved strips, but to keep the wings clean from mud and cow manure.

The pants offer a good ground clearance in the front which allows the aircraft to land on unimproved strips. The pants will not limit the off-airport capabilities of the Husky when operated on 8.50 x 6 size tires.

The wheel pants will also protect your tail-feathers from stone damage. (Aircraft without pants have experienced tail feather damage from stones thrown by the tires.)

Initial installation takes less than one hour; the pants can then be removed or reinstalled in 4 minutes. This makes cleaning of the pants easy, for example, if necessary after an operation in extreme mud. The pants have a built-in bulkhead behind the wheel that prevents the pant from collecting grass, mud etc.

The pants are made out of fiberglass. They weigh 8 lbs unpainted, including the stainless steel mounting brackets and extended axles. The design of the pant is strong enough that stepping on the pant for fueling is still possible.

The Wheel pant kit contains:

  • 2 fiberglass wheel pants, gel-coated and cut to fit 8.50 x 6 tires
  • Stainless steel mounting brackets
  • Axle extension kit.

Please specify the gear type of your Husky when ordering. NOTE: These wheel pants do not fit while RF8001 skis are installed. Special wheel pants are available for RF8001 instillations, as described on the RF8001.

Have your wheel pants painted after primary installation in the colors of your aircraft.